What’s so Super?

Plain and simple, greens have super powers to keep you and your family fit. From the rich, Georgia soil to your table, leafy greens are exploding with essential vitamins and minerals- ones our bodies can’t make on their own!

Our greens develop much like Bruce Banner turning into the brawny, green Hulk. Given enough time to grow, both are capable of fighting evil! We let our greens grow to their peak maturity which means more vitamins and minerals to help you and your family save the day!

We also make sure our crop cleaning process defeats all dirty and creepy villains. Greens can be a challenge to wash and prepare properly, but our triple-wash process gets the job done for you. Once you buy a bag of our crisp greens, simply open the bag and cook like a hero.

Strengthens you with fortifying calcium and magnesium.

Packs a punch with antioxidant vitamins and minerals, A, C, E, and manganese.

Electrifies anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory responses within the body.