Turnip Greens

Turnip greens are the top, leafy green part of the turnip plant. They are a member of the cabbage family, along with collards and kale, and offer an amazing array of vitamins and minerals.

Want healthier hair and super skin? Eat more turnip greens! Packed with calcium, vitamins A and C, and iron, turnip greens provide a number of health benefits. Having turnip greens as a regular side dish for dinner can help promote better digestion, higher quality sleep and mood, and improved bone health.

Turnip greens are delicious when seasoned with a ham hock, or with garlic and onions. They can be steamed or boiled and served with the traditional staples of beans and rice. Slightly cooked turnip greens can also be juiced for a nutritious and tasty drink!

Whether you like them cooked until they juice or you enjoy them fresh and raw, collard greens are a versatile vegetable for your family’s dinner table. With a mild, smoky flavor, collards pair as well with poached eggs as with black-eyed peas and brown rice.

All of this super power, and they are delicious too!

Super Powers

• Highest amounts of cancer-fighting properties of all cruciferous vegetables

• High in calcium for bone building, blood clotting, and hormonal releases

• Excellent source of fiber

• Encourages amino acid metabolism for muscle building


Tangy, zesty

Pairs Well With

Southern classics: Pork or ham and black-eyed peas

1, 2 lbs. Availabe