Kale Greens

Kale is a super food! Packed with vitamins and minerals, but low in calories, kale is an amazing vegetable to include with any meal.

A cousin to collard greens, and also a member of the cabbage family, kale provides a long list of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber that fills you up while keeping the calorie intake down. In addition to its many other health benefits, kale has also been found to lower the risk of many types of cancer.

Kale can be prepared in a number of ways to savor its unique, mouth-watering taste. Steaming will bring out the flavor and leave in the nutrition. Kale can also be enjoyed in a salad or as part of a healthy sandwich or wrap. Kale chips are a popular, tasty treat that are easy to prepare and fun to eat!

Whether you like them cooked until they juice or you enjoy them fresh and raw, collard greens are a versatile vegetable for your family’s dinner table. With a mild, smoky flavor, collards pair as well with poached eggs as with black-eyed peas and brown rice.

All of this super power, and they are delicious too!

Super Powers

• Can help regulate detox at a genetic level

• More iron than meat

• More calcium than milk

• A powerhouse of anti-inflammatory

• Anti-cancer components


Earthy somewhat sweet, larger leaves more bitter

Pairs Well With

Anything! Throw it in your smoothie, soup, salad, or hamburger mix.

1 & 2 lbs. Available